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$400 - $500

The Beretta ARX160 in .22LR is a faithful replica of the battle-tested ARX160 serving the Italian Military. The weight, balance, look, feel, and most of the controls' placement and operation are just like the 5.56mm x 45 NATO rifle. This rifle is great for training purposes and is a fun and reliable target rifle. The ARX160 features an ambidextrous magazine release and two-position safety lever, easy access to the bolt and trigger system, MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rails in aluminum and polymer, adjustable polymer flip-up sights, and a STANAG-type magazine.

$200 - $250

Improve your hunting effectiveness with the sleek SA Sports Ambush! Barnett RC-150 SPECS: Speed: 260 fps Draw weight: 150 lbs Velici-speed wheel Ambidextrous auto safety Axle-to-axle: 26.5” Weight: 5.75 lbs Arrow length: 20”

$600 - $700

Replace your crossbow with the enhanced accuracy and full-length arrow speeds of 450 fps with Benjamin's revolutionary Pioneer Airbow Package. Quickly cock and decock with two fingers, allowing you to fire arrows much more quickly than your crossbow is capable of. Arrows are pushed from the front rather than from the rear, resulting in consistently tight 2" groups at 50 yds. Ideal for hunters that are unable to draw a bow or pull a crossbow's cocking rope. Compact 2" width delivers enhanced maneuverability compared to crossbows for use in ground blinds and tree stands. Comes equipped with Center Point's 6x40mm scope that's manufactured specifically for the Airbow, delivering spot-on accuracy from a distance. Scope includes adjustable parallax settings from 5 yds and beyond, and a canted picatinny base allows an additional 20 MOA of adjustment. It has a built-in air reservoir with pressure gauge for easily monitoring remaining air pressure. It includes an adapter for easy refilling from your tank or pump. Check local game laws if hunting with the Airbow. Included are 3 arrows and quiver. Wt: 7 lbs.

$370 - $450

160lb Draw Weight 320 FPS 20.375 Axle to Axle G2 Trigger Red Hot String and Cables 4 Arrow Quiver 4 20" Bolts 3x32 Illuminated Multi-Reticle Scope Anti Dry-Fire Lock Auto Engage Safety

$700 - $800


$250 - $300

New recurve crossbow with adjustable sights and 150 lb draw weight. This crossbow is the generic version of the Barnett Wildcat XL made 20 years ago. It is identical except for the addition of the detachable quiver. MK Industries of Taiwan manufactures crossbows for many of the leaders in the crossbow field, including: PSE, Arrow Precision, Barnett, United and others. The package contains the following: - 150 lb draw Crossbow with Windage and Elevation Adjustable Iron Sights. Sights are mounted on a 3/8"(.22 dovetail) rail. If you wish they can be removed and a scope of your choice can be mounted instead. This is a crossbow of sturdy construction with a skeletal aluminum stock, aluminum body and fiberglass bow. It weighs a little less than 6 lbs and is 30" long and 27" across the bow. - String - Cocking Device and Stringer Straps. Straps are for use during initial string installation. Includes photographic instructions. - Detachable Quiver for 4 Arrows. Quiver liner also functions as a broadhead wrench. - 4) 16" 2219 Aluminum Bolts/Arrows with half moon nocks that are tipped with standard threaded 125 gr Field Points. The weight of the bolt with field points is about 400 gr and around 275 grains without. Naturally you can use whatever weight field point or broadhead you prefer. Only about 30 ft lbs KE is needed to blow through both sides of the chest cavity of a deer. This bow will generate 40 ft lbs, more than enough Kinetic Energy to successfully and humanely harvest Whitetail and Mule deer.

$750 - $850

TenPoint Shadow Ultralie with Scope, Acudraw 50, 3 Broadhead bolts, 3 field tip bolts and 3 spare bolts and manual cocking string included! Also available a beautiful Allen case

$250 - $300

BEAUTIFUL ~ VINTAGE ~ BEN PEARSON ~ EQUALIZER 7148 ~ Right-Hand ~ RECURVE BOW ~ Serial # 37411-31 ~ 50# / 48" ~ (mx-092) ~ ITEM # bow-174 ~ This Beautiful, Vintage, Collectible, Ben Pearson 50# Equalizer Recurve Bow is a Great Shooter showing slight wear, with a few minor superficial blemishes... remaining in Very-Nice -to- Excellent Condition Overall... and It will make an Fantastic Addition to Your Collection, and will provide a Lifetime of Enjoyable Sporting Experiences!!

$500 - $600

NEAR-MINT CONDITION ~ Vintage ~ 1970's ~ FRED BEAR - Grayling, Mich. ~ KODIAK MAGNUM ~ Right-Hand ~ RECURVE BOW ~ Serial # KU27949 ~ 48# / 52" ~ (mx-006) ~ ITEM # bow-170 ~ This Classic, Vintage, Very-Collectible, 48# Fred Bear Kodiak Magnum Bow is a Powerful Shooter that's in Excellent -to- Near-Mint Condition... and It will make a Fantastic Addition to Your Collection, and will provide a Lifetime of Enjoyable Sporting Experiences!!

$130 - $150

PSE Bowmadness model compound bow in very good condition with accessories. It adjusts from 40-50# draw weight and 25-30" draw length. Also included is a single pin adjustable Cobra sight with fiber optic pin, New Archery Products fall-a-way rest, wrist sling, peep sight, and D-loop on string. These are a smooth, fast, accurate shooting one cam bow.

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