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$3700 - $3800

Brand new in box CZ Bren A2 post sample machine gun in 5.56mm. This is a 4 position 0-1-2-full. This is just like a FN Scar 16-17 but has 4 position! This comes one mag. This comes with a 30 day warranty

$2000 - $2200

semi auto Short barreled rifle Zenith/MKE Z-5P in 9mm. This contains 6 USA made parts for 922r compliance. The Zenith is an HK LICENSED VARIANT of the famous HK 9MM machinegun and is a double push pin. This gun can take any and all Genuine H&K factory parts. Parts are 100% interchangeable without modification.Parts like mags stocks internals Etc. We have a Full auto converted unit in our shop and have put over 1500 rounds through it without a single jam or malfunction, 100% reliability is what you can expect......................................................... MKE supplies 29 countries with Everything from Ammunition and Small Arms to Tanks. These guns are top Quality Firearms from the MKE Turkish Military Plant. This come with a threaded 1/2x28 tri-lug barrel. 3-30 round mags and side folding stock plus foregrip. So if you always wanted an MP5-K this is the one for you. This is made on Licensed H&K factory machinery to H&K Specs. The finish is exact H&K factory spec. HENSE IT IS AS CLOSE AS H&K AS YOU CAN GET!!!!!!!! We guarantee this to be free from defects for 5 years. Buy with confidence.

$2000 - $2200

Glock 19 conversion to a select fire machine gun. This gun is in stock ready for transfer! This gun has night sights and 4 Glock factory magazines 3 15 round mags and 1 33 round mag. This gun shoots like new and is super fast! We are giving a 1 year warranty with this gun! This is a Marcum Firearms build.

$1800 - $2000

New Benelli Super Black Eagle II in 12ga with a 28" barrel and 3.5" Chamber. The Super Black Eagle II shotgun is the original 3-1/2-inch semi-automatic shotgun. The SBE II sets the standard for semi-auto styling, versatility, and performance.

$1200 - $1300

New Beretta model A400 Xplor Action semi automatic shotgun. Chambered for 12GA up to 3", 28" vent ribbed choked barrel, gloss blued with bronze finish, manual safety, and a deluxe checkered wood stock set with a 14.5" LOP and very popular KICKOFF recoil system. Gun is in excellent NEW condition. Shotgun ships with the factory hard case, stock spacers, manual, and extra choke tubes. Super high end and classy gun!!

$700 - $750

new Remington Model 11-87 Sportsman Field in 20ga with a 26" barrel and 3" chamber. No matter the season, Remington's Sportsman answers the call with the lethal blend of speed, reliability and smooth operation that have made the Model 11-87 a standout standing

$700 - $800

Keltec KSG 12+1 BLK 12 ga KSGBLK 12 gauge. The KSG™ is no ordinary tactical shotgun. Its dual tube magazines hold a dozen 3 inch, 12 gauge shells (plus one in the chamber), with the flexibility of switching between various projectiles. A patented downward ejection system makes it truly ambidextrous, while its 26.1 inch overall length, 18.5 inch cylinder bore barrel and 6.9lbs of weight make it is as compact as possible.

$1600 - $1700

Benelli M4 Tactical 12ga Semi Auto shotgun with a 18.5" barrel and a 3" Magnum Chamber. The gun is Unfired since it left the factory and the gun is finished in a Silver coating. The gun has awesome open sights and a optics rail as well. This gun has the pistol grip with straight stock and this stock makes the gun steadier when you hold it on target and makes you more accurate. The shotgun has sling mounts and these shotguns are World Class shotguns and have a fabulous reputation and the are durable and made of the highest quality materials. The gun will come with a screw in Modified choke tube and a choke wrench. The shotgun will ship in the factory box with all you see. This gun will be the envy of all who you let handle it!!!

$650 - $700

SKB Model 585 Over/Under shotgun. It is a 20 gauge, with 3" chambers and 26" barrel length. Length of pull will be around 14". The buttstock suffers from cracks on the top and bottom portions near the receiver (as well as the finish worn around the right side near the receiver). Other than that, the shotgun is in fantastic shape. Metal finish is 95% or better, and the bores look very nice. The two chokes that we have for it is Skeet and Improved Cylinder.Exactly as pictured...Thanks for looking

$350 - $400

Glock Model 43 Pistol 9mm, Two (2) x 6 Round Magazines NEW IN BOX! Glock Model 43 Pistol in 9mm Luger. G43. New in Box. Single stack magazines. Action: Semi-Automatic Caliber: 9mm Luger Capacity: 6+1 Magazines: Two (2) x 6 Rounds Each

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